True Love

“I don’t always fall in love, but when I do, I make
sure it’s pure and real,” Feroze said.
Delnaz continued to play Candy Crush on her
phone. Feroze sat patiently, waiting for her
“Delnaz, my love is true, and I mean it,” Feroze
Delnaz gave out a laugh
“True love? Do you even know what it means?”
Delnaz asked him.
“Well, I will do anything to keep you happy,” he
“Will you do my Maths homework for me?” she
asked sweetly.
“Huh? No, I won’t,” he replied coolly.
“Why not?” she asked, a little upset.
“Because I love you, and I don’t want you to fail in
your exams due to lack of practice,” he replied.
And that’s when the eight year old Delnaz truly
fell in love with eight year old Feroze.
True Love, they don’t make it that way any more.

via – The Anonhmous Writers


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