Terra Chips famously boast a full serving of vegetables in every bit, but they don’t taste like health food. The sweet potato chips may be short on ingredients (just sweet potatoes and expeller pressed oils), but they’re packed with flavor.

The company also makes varieties that include a combination of sweet potato chips and beets, and even a mix of sweet potato chips with carrot chips. The most exotic blend features a seasonal combination of parsnip, taro, yucca, batata, and ruby taro alongside sweet potatoes.

Terra Adventures : Flavor of Nature

I just like the Naturally Blue Potatoes Chips with Sea Salt. When I give this chips to my dad to just taste, he just grabs all the packs from me and didn’t give back. Just because he liked them so much that he ordered five more packs from the nearby supermarket. When I asked him to give the review about Terra Chips, he said “This type of sweet potato chips are the best!  They are tender and crisp, unlike many other types.  I actually enjoy them unsalted, as they have more delicious taste, and sometimes I sprinkle them with cinnamon for a variation.  I cannot eat grains or regular potatoes, so these give me a good snacking choice.”
He is using Terra as Evening Snacks.


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