Social Media is quickly becoming one of the most important tools for growing and marketing businesses. It’s a low-cost way to get your business out there, and when executed effectively, you can see a high return for your efforts.  In addition, social media is a great tool to keep your ears to the ground for direct customer feedback. 90% of business owners have cited that they see increased exposure and other marketing benefits due to the use of social media, as cited by Social Media Examiner.


So how do you go about this? Here’s why we believe businesses can benefit from a social media expert:


–  Based on your target audience and brand, a social media expert knows where you should direct your efforts across all the social media channels, making sure you get the biggest ‘bang for your buck.’


–  If you’re just getting started, a social media expert can build a targeted plan that will market your business online in an efficient and smart way, allowing you to focus on all the other details involved with a start-up.  This doesn’t have to be a broad campaign. It could look like a small promotion to help jump-start your sales.


–  A social media expert should provide an easy to follow guide that will make managing your online marketing an easy exercise each week.   We love that social media provides the ability to hear direct customer feedback, and an expert can show you how to navigate your channels for this type of listening.


–  A social media expert can help you to set realistic goals, such as followers and likes, that are tied back to your business objectives, for example, the number of new clients you plan to acquire over a specified period of time.


–  A social media expert can be hired to simply run a campaign.  This could look like a variety of options ranging from a new product or service you want to promote to just generating more exposure for your company.


Do you have more questions about how this process would work? Or how other businesses are benefiting from these services? We’d love to hear from you at or leave us a comment below!


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