Monday, April 23, 2018
Note Book - Ronak Panchal


"એક ચાહત હતી તારી સાથે રહેવાની બકી ઇશ્ક તો કોઇની પણ સાથે થઈ શકે."
  Romance! Something everybody wishes for! Some are lucky enough to have a love in their life, while others are happy watching it. This is one genre in the movies that never goes unnoticed. The audience for romantic cinema is...
People do all sorts of things for love. Some weave a story to remember while the others are lost in the notions of time-pass romance! Whatever be the type, these stories leave behind some imprints of their journey. Word porn...
A birthday is just an #HBD now, a death is just an #RIP. There is something insensitive about formalities that I cannot quite exactly put my finger on. But I do know this, that when I die, I would rather not...

Love in teenage.

The Attraction Between Two Souls in The Age Of High School or College It's Called "Love In TeenAge".

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