Monday, April 23, 2018


Graphics By R Panchal

Chapter : 1 On my mother’s twenty-second birthday, her parents told her she was engaged. She had met her fiance once before, when my dad, accompanied by his dad, visited her home and spoke to her for about fifteen minutes....
Note Book - Ronak Panchal


"એક ચાહત હતી તારી સાથે રહેવાની બકી ઇશ્ક તો કોઇની પણ સાથે થઈ શકે."
"If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die." Those who quietly sit at the corner of a coffee shop tightly clutching their diaries, who carefully preserve age-old coffee-stained, sepia-tinted handwritten letters, for whom every person they...
People do all sorts of things for love. Some weave a story to remember while the others are lost in the notions of time-pass romance! Whatever be the type, these stories leave behind some imprints of their journey. Word porn...
Ronak Panchal and his IT Team attended First National Conference of NaMo Group at Gandhinagar. It was great meeting the Namo team and spending time talking to them. This team came from across India.

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