Your Chances of Success in Marketing depends on the fundamentals in a very major way.


If you get your fundamentals right, your chances of success are much higher.

We all definitely have seen a new trend of Strategic Marketing in Indian Politics in last General Elections 2014 and UP election 2017. The Result of these Strategic Marketing was historical. No doubt ‘Modi Wave’ swept all the opponents whether it is National or Regional parties. Many times opposition parties have alleged him that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has great Marketing & Management skills. but that is unique about him and other should learn this from him. He connects to all the section of the society irrespective of their age, gender, occupation etc. Here are the top Marketing Strategies that every marketer should learn from PM Narendra Modi which can help them to succeed as a Marketer:

1. Identify the Gaps and Fill Them

Identifying the Gaps helps you understand what exactly your People/Customers and prospects truly want.

In the Year of 2014, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government was facing a huge Anti-Incumbency and it actually was widely criticized for its lack of Leadership, Big Corruption, and Incompetency on the Economic front. Narendra Modi had identified these three Gaps and made them agenda for election and referred it to his all advertising, speeches, interview and one to one promotion. He gave the people of India a hope, which eventually converted into votes.

Similarly in UP, Corruption, Development & Employment was the main issues on which Samajwadi Party Government was a total failure. Narendra Modi identified these issues and campaigned for the BJP on a core issue of ‘Good Governance & Development’ and results shows that ‘Modi is the clear winner’ on identifying the gaps and coming up with a vision of the solution to the issues.


2. Getting the Best Minds on Board & Catchy Slogans

Ab ki Bar Modi Sarkar

They hired the best-known names in Indian advertising. Advertising legends such as Piyush Pandey from Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Worldgroup’s Prasoon Joshi, and Madison World’s Sam Balsara lent their skills at various levels. Advertising agency Soho Square, part of the WPP Group, handled TV, Radio and Print Campaigns with The help of catchy slogans such as “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar“. These people have a wealth of experience behind them. They have run successful campaigns with hundreds of brands in their lives. They took sentimentality out of the picture and looked at this as the business. They decided that their client was the BJP and Product Modi. Having these experienced senior people like the trio certainly helped.


3. Be Innovative

Chai Pe Charcha

Innovation always pays off. Whether it is in your product design, packaging or distribution method, think out of the box for marketing your brand and it will stand out from the clutter.

Prime Minister Modi always brings the Innovative thoughts to connect with the common man. Be it ‘Chai Pe Charcha’, ‘Man Ki Baat’ or Narendra Modi App, he always try to connect with a common man in different ways which politicians are not used to.

4. Keep your Competitors Busy & Reach Where your Competitors can’t reach

“If you can’t beat competitor, make them such a busy that he cannot focus on you”

This was one of the important aspects of Modi’s election strategy. He was attacking Indian Nation Congress and other parties through his speeches and interviews by commenting on Growth, Corruption and Price rise issues. Rahul Gandhi and their entire United Progressive Alliance (UPA) team then spent a lot of time in defending such attacks of Modi rather than making and communicating their clear agenda with voters. Narendra Modi on the other hand riding on the Gujarat Model of Development, Inflation, and Corruption was successful in communicating his message to all segments of the society.

One of the main reasons for the gigantic victory of Narendra Modi to be specific is the voters’ turnaround which was due to groundwork was done by the workers of the party along with ‘SwayamSevak’ of RSS.

They were able to reach the remotest villages where the Congress and other party were not able to reach effectively in person or through media. The biggest example was seen in Varanasi where Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) workers along with BJP and RSS went door to door appealing people to vote for Modi. This created an amazing workforce which UPA and other regional parties had no answer.



5. Database Marketing & Word of Mouth

Particularly in important states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, what the campaign managers did actually was collect huge database and they worked on reaching out directly to the people. It also great, for the most part, helped that the opposition ran a very lackluster campaign generally run by the opposition party in a subtle way. All these factors mentioned above resulted in a landslide victory, which mostly is fairly significant. While advertising and marketing alone did not help, but in my view, they were for all intents and purposes major contributors in a big way.

Word of Mouth is the thing which actually works for every brand or business. This thing also helped Modi in 2014 and Uttar Pradesh Elections. There are a lot of migrant laborers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh worked in Gujarat and when they went back home, they spread positive word of mouth about Narendra Modi and his team.

That is what Narendra Modi did. The victory of Narendra Modi is mainly due to shifting voters to Bharatiya Janta Party from Indian National Congress as Congress failed to address such expectations of voters which created the anti-incumbency sentiment.

‘Marketing works only if your product is worth for it’


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