Girls once you fall in love your life gets converted into a Bollywood film. All you want is your partner, loving him becomes your favorite hobby. You tend to do things that you have never even imagined off. Your love and fights are infinite, you breakup with him at least once a week then makeup after an hour or max after a day. But when he goes far from you for somedays or too busy, life becomes hell for you! You miss all the moments shared and wish he comes back soon. Here are the things that you often end up doing when you miss your ‘Someone Special’.
(Please Don’t smile during reading. 😜 )

1.) Keep stalking his FaceBook profile. There will be days when you don’t check your own profile, but checking his profile is a must!
Things Every Girl Has Done At Some Point When She Misses Her 'Someone Special'

You will keep checking his photos and statuses on Facebook, which you have already seen before.

2.) You keep asking him to talk to you but have nothing much to say image

You may call him again and again and say it’s
urgent but when he manages to call you, you
don’t have anything to say except ‘Stupid I’m missing You’.

3.) You find yourself watching a romantic movie or song and imagine yourself with him in the picture. image

You will start listening to songs from films like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and start dreaming about him… you may not even realize who is the actual actor or actress in the film as for you it’s only you with your boyfriend in it.

4.) You keep talking about him to your friends and never manage to snap out of it. image

If he is too busy, you will call or meet your friend but again all you do is talk about him and your friend has to tolerate it all.

5.) You day dream about him and keep smiling alone. Now that’s what ‘crazy in love’ means

Girl with Smile ballon



You will remember the good days you guys spent together and sometimes laugh and cry both at the same time.

6.) On days that you miss your guy unconditionally, you hug the crap out of your Teddy or Pillow.

Girl Sleeping

Yep, that is what you do when you can’t give him a hug.

7.) You start digging deep into your cupboard to remove all the gifts and letters he gave you to read them for the 500th time.

Walking Girl

Many a times, this might worsen the case…

8.) You unintentionally post love statuses, send love messages, and share photos that are romantic.
You are completely in love, missing your parter terribly and people around you can make that out with you statuses and photos… poor friends of yours have to bear your sentimental calls of loneliness…



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