We all have that one person in our lives, who were too open about things to, we tell them every little thing. Most likely, you’re not Friends with Benefits (FWB); but just in the between. There’s just something between the two of you! Maybe either one of you like each other and are afraid to accept it because it might affect your friendship or probably, just the other way round. However, look out for these signs, they totally prove there is something ‘ More than Friends ‘ in your friendship! So, go ahead, share this article to that person and tell them.

1.) You feel there’s some sort of spark between the two of you! *Touches hands accidentally and feels the intensity*

Girl and Boy holding Hands
You both can’t keep your hands off each other. You totally believe that, there is a spark; something between you two.

2.) You can’t help but tell them about everything. Every. Single Thing.

They know everything about you! Right from what you wore the other morning to what you ate, probably. Or what place you chilled at that on Friday night. Every single detail, they know it! Which might mean, they know about that too.


3.) You tend to change yourself for them, and dislike the things they do or vice versa.

wpid-2015-02-10-07-44-20_54d9b6d4d7443.gifSo, if they like that dress on you, well you do too. Or probably your short hairstyle, and you’re like ‘naaaah’ why did I even chop it off!

4.) They’re your priority. Suddenly, you’re too busy for all your other friends.


You can’t go cafe or movie hopping with your friends because you have a movie to watch with somebody.


5.) You get pissed off when somebody else tries to flirt with them.

And you do everything in your control to drag them out of that situation!


6.) Everybody around you thinks there’s something cooking.

mother daughter

Your parents, cousins, friends, teachers, etc, etc totally think you’re lying to them and believe that you two are dating. Well duh, why’d I lie, I want it to happen too!


7.) You want them to do best in everything they do.


You always stick by their side. And motivate them, to keep on going.

8.) You relate yourself with them watching every romantic movie, reading every romantic book or listening to a song.

MORE THEN FRIENDSIt’s like a vicious cycle! You can’t just help yourself but, think about them.


(P.G. : I’m also in ‘More then Friends’ Relationship. What you think Jadu ? )



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